libspotify archive

This is an unofficial archive of the latest libspotify releases from Spotify, as Spotify as of May 2018 no longer hosts these files themselves.


Note that as of May 2015 libspotify is officially deprecated by Spotify and is no longer actively maintained.

Spotify has published newer libraries intended for Android and iOS development, as well as web APIs to access track metadata and manage playlists. Though, for making apps with Spotify playback capabilities, on any other platform than Android and iOS, there is currently no alternative to libspotify.

libspotify has been the main way of integrating with Spotify since 2009, and is today a part of numerous open source projects and commercial applications, including many receivers and even cars. There’s no guarantees, but one can hope that the large deployment of libspotify means that the library will continue to work with the Spotify service for a long time into the future.


These are the latest available releases for each CPU architecture, all released around 2012.

OS Architecture Version SHA256 checksum
iOS ARM/i386 12.1.64 b32e9183e552c99bb4149e71181fadb26694553cab37a92311be16c286e0736a
Android ARM 12.1.51 754957de2648e7235e6ead323c22c111282adfc889535a2684c13067d2099505
Win32 x86 12.1.51 7c08475997461c077f79130d3cd1002111448c0ad321025748ffade7a37dda30
macOS Universal 12.1.51 80053f0779f6192a8052732904d88b91acc62a350831f6b585a3c6ac10cb8fbd
Linux amd64 12.1.51 43a14e0732ba6ae30078fac105d0e2998d04d5f5c396a4968386bc4e22491058
Linux armv5t 12.1.51 4d96efcb1423864683917f40fb4df481491250a76cb29be3a235b3732a64fefc
Linux armv6t 12.1.51 4fb888eeb486578fa3a08e15f5aa2101632e60b56a068553d05d5d4ee0a080cc
Linux armv6hf 12.1.103 d658e6c1978fb46cf33376eb8367a51d024f4014f21beac1dd264532bcc54b24
Linux armv7 12.1.51 ad27b6c5aee5382b66b39bfea3b1752076b7abcc445979ce25c1ec9d7ff3aeda
Linux i686 12.1.51 941ab4ba10bcd6ec4e96127afd095a39e11bc955de0882734c97e4f588b155ae